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    I’m 23, and the guy im talking about is 20.

    We started out talking romantically, we really care for each other, but then because of the distance and also he wouldn’t call me a lot, just text (because of the time difference)I told him we should just be friends, because my feelings were getting too into it, and things were too confusing with how the speed of our relationship was going. I just wanted to take things slow because I didn’t know when I would next see him, so in my mind I didn’t want to speed up those feelings for pretty much nothing.

    We tried to be friends, but I started feeling a little insecure that he was talking to other girls and low key still wanted more with him, so told him I needed a month to get over him a little.

    After a month he reached back out, saying he missed me and still loved me, and I was honest with him that my feelings also hadn’t changed. Despite both knowing we like each other as more, we’re trying to be friends and are both talking to other people, but I want to try and be more with him again!!!

    Should I be blunt and and let him know how I feel, even though I was the one who always suggested we be friends (because I was trying to stop myself from catching feelings, as I’m super emotional) or try and move on or…?

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