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    We met online then in person with our families. He obvious has a busy schedule texts when he is able will respond to mine within an hour or less pending situation. Is retiring does call says he’ll be bothering me more. Fills me in about what’s going on within his life. When texts emojis are within text example 🤗😉😊😏 teases me and says he’s glad he can make me laugh… I have his children’s email phone and physical address to stay in contact my question is since he’s retiring packing getting organized to get on with civilian life when that occurs.. Do you think he wants to involve me as in start a relationship? I’m very confused why would he constant catch up with what’s going on apologize when it’s been say two days due to the job and give me private information about the children? Do men do that who just want to be friends? Upon us parting to return to our every day lives this man said we are family forever…. unsure if all this is subtle hints… He’s also sent presents and cards that coincide with our teasing one another. I’ve stated in an email I’m attracted to him… He’s said nothing.. No I do not text every day nor do I email. I do t call because I never know what he’s doing schedule
    In and out of country….

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