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    There’s this guy I like in my class we used to be in the same class last year until I started noticing these things in the start of the semester he would talk to me very often and be nice towards me, I also noticed last year that whenever I got to school and get to my locker he would go to his locker to which was beside mine, I would then close my locker and look back to see that he does not get anything from his locker and goes back to his friends, and to this day he still does that from time to time.Every single day I catch him staring at me and visiting my classroom during electives period, and glances at me once or twice before leaving. I think it was because I messaged him on Instagram once because my friend told me that I need to get to know him first, at that time I didn’t plan to say that I like him until we were more comfortable with each other, but that plan completely backfired when I told him I’m in his class he then blocked me. Then the next day the same friend told me that she heard his conversation with his friend she looked over and saw that the two of them looking at her too with my crush with a surprised and somewhat happy look.It’s already my second semester and now we often lock eyes for 3 solid seconds until I look away.

    <P.S This is actually the first time I genuinely like a person not because of their looks and to be honest I’m really hoping that he likes me back 🙂 >

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