Is she testing me or is she trying to not be rude?

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    Hey Luke

    There is a girl I’m interested in. She texts me often and we talk about love, relationships, and she even opens up to me. She constantly asks me questions about what I want from a girl. We have other fun convos. The thing is recently she replies late and responds a day or 2 late while she is on social media. When I am on instagram live she joins it participates but doesn’t reply yet. When she does she is energetic and tells me sorry and she misses me and engage in a new convo. Is she testing me or is she trying to not be rude? I like her what should I do


    She sounds like she is a busy person. I would probably treat someone like you mentioned if I didn’t know them well and saw them as an acquaintance that I wanted for a friend.


    Right now it seems like she is very comfortable with you
    She feels at ease and enjoys discussing topics like love and romance with you.
    This could indicate that she is attracted to you and feeling chemistry

    Maybe she is replying late now because she needs some space? She may want to create some distance between the two of you so that it is more exciting the next time that you talk

    You can test her interest by not initiating for a few days. See if she texts you first. This would confirm that she is still interested in talking to you.

    Or you can stop wondering what she thinks and ask her out on a date. That would give you a clear answer.

    I suggest you ask her out if you are interested.
    Girls don’t sit around waiting forever.
    Many girls are the old fashioned feminine type and dream of being pursued by a guy.
    They don’t want to do the pursuing.
    If we show a guy interest by smiling, starting convos, and the guy doesn’t ask us out on a date we will assume he is taken or is not interested in us in a romantic sense. And then we will retreat and move on with our lives because we don’t want to be desperate and all over a guy who is not pursuing us romantically.

    Some girls have no problem confessing their feelings to a guy or asking him out.

    But us feminine girls want a guy to pursue us.
    And if a guy doesn’t pursue us or ask us out then we think that he is not interested in us or that he severely lacks confidence.
    This is especially true if we have already given the guy clear interest signals such as initiating conversations, smiling, generally making ourselves approachable.

    Why would we want to put ourselves out there for a guy who is not showing interest in us ? Or for a guy who lacks confidence?

    I’m not saying that you lack confidence.
    But know that girls aren’t going to wait around forever.
    We will move on with our lives if a guy we like does not show us clear romantic interest.


    I am not saying that is 100% confirmed that she likes you.
    I can’t know that because i can’t read minds.

    But as the male it is your job to pursue.
    Yes girls can pursue as well.

    But many girls don’t want to pursue! They want to be pursued!

    Are you a man that wants a girl to do the work and confess her feelings to you? Then by all means sit around and wait for her.
    You might end up waiting forever. Or losing her completely.
    Or she might ask you out and you’ll accept and live happily ever after. But will you truly value her if you never put in the work to attain her? It’s human nature to value what we work for. Girls are aware of this.

    I’m simply speaking from the perspective of a girl who knows her worth and believes she deserves to be pursued by a man. A girl who thinks like that will NOT ask a guy out. She will assume that a guy who is not asking her out is either disinterested or very, very shy. Either way that guy does not see her as worthy enough to be pursued.
    And that is a guy she does not want to be with anyway.

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