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    I will try not to make this a lecture to you guys.

    Note: I am Asian studying abroad in Australia.
    She is a native to Australia.

    4 months back
    – Met this girl in my marketing class, introduced myself, did not ask her to hang out after class
    – We walked past each other during lunchtime, We made an accidental-ish eye contact 4 times subsequently, I thought that that was something
    – Throughout the month, we still made that eye contact (not an accidental one) with no smile
    – Finally approached her but did not ask her to hang out

    A month later(new semester)
    – After the class, I asked her if she was free at the weekend, she replied “Oh, I’ve already made a plan with friends” “See you in class”
    – Since couple weeks ago, her friends have been looking at me (If I am not wrong).
    – Last week, her friends looked at me but she pretends not to see me when I walked past them

    My current plan: I will ask her on a date if I ever see her again. (It’s exam season so everyone is quite busy with their studying).


    This is weird because if her friends are laughing at you when they stare probably making a joke out of it which is rude but if you think you can get her on her own and talk one on one go for it be careful dont get your hopes up


    I’m planning to ask her out on a date but we’ve got an exam really soon. Hopefully, it would go well even if I get rejected again. Thanks for your perspective on this Lefty.



    Yep I asked her out on a date after morning exam. Unfortunately, she said no. She said she recently got out of a relationship and is not interested in dating right now. I understand her situation and know how she feels more or less. I’d turn myself down too if I was in her shoes.

    phew. Now that Ive this matter out of my chest. I can finally sleep much better now. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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