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    I started talking to this guy in quarantine. We are from the same uni. I was the one who answered his stories first on ig. So, he once asked me in a certain way if he was my crush. I said “well, what do you think” he answered that with heart emojis. Then he kept answering my stories regularly. Not EVERY story, but most of them. He answers my stories more often than I answer his. He doesn’t seem to flirt with me, even tho sometimes I give him a glimpse that I want something to happen between us and he kind of ignores it. But tho, he is always present! Always answers my stories. We never had a full convo, to get to know each other. That never happened. Is he playing me? Or he doesn’t want to talk because we are in quarantine and he doesn’t know when we are gonna meet? He is confusing me a LOT!


    I’m not sure about this but I yall never had a convo he might just be playing you or he’s just shy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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