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    So I like this guy from school. He’s not in my class but we worked together on a project for one whole week. Spent every minute together, became great friends. He even took his clothes off in front of me when he had to change and showed me his intimate tattoos. He told me a lot about his life and asked me about mine. Even showed me his childhood photos. And we had deep conversations about Shakespeare and love and Donald trump. My friends noticed signs of him flirting with me. He’d get awfully close while reading lines and stuff and I just generally felt so comfortable around him. Although he didn’t know me well he chose me for every group work. And we just really clicked. Keep in mind he’s an introverted artsy guy. So am I. After the week was over I followed him on Instagram but he didn’t follow back. But he’d still wink or smile at me in the hallways. And sometimes I’d catch him staring. To avoid going crazy I told him I liked him. On Instagram. He saw it but didn’t respond. I avoided him that day idk if he did too. The next day I tried avoiding him too but i caught him staring once and we suddenly crossed paths and he looked me in the eyes and gave me the biggest smile. Keep in mind I was always the first one to smile or say hi. This is the first time he did it. I’d accepted that he probably hated me after he didn’t reply but now it’s driving me crazy. Why would he smile again. It’s only been two days since I told him I like him. The week we spent together was a month ago.


    guys are simple if they like a girl they will do all those things he did to you.

    he is introverted like you stated, with guys its best to be direct with if you like a guy tell him and let him take it from there. now if you tell a guy you like him and he doesnt do anything and avoids you (plays games) and doesnt give you a direct responds whether he likes you too, then something is wrong with him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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