Is he mean to get you to notice him or is he a bully?

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    Hi Luke and everyone who sees thui post my name is Kyle and it was nice to find someone who could talk about the deeper nature in men and their hidden “layers” and I just wanted to ask something, “What is the difference between a guy who is outright Bullying you versus a guy who is playing a mean asshole just to see if you react they way he wants you to because he likes you and is or attracted to you”?by bullying I mean hes doing it out of insecurity inferiority

    Boom Papi

    That may just be how he interacts with people. He could have picked up those behaviors from family and friends.

    I joke around with my family and friends. We enjoy being outrageous at times and have fun doing it. If I liked you I would joke around with you hoping that you would participate in the fun lol. That’s how I was brought up…. He may have been brought up in an environment where people around him were just mean to each other so that’s how he interacts with you.

    I like building fun cakes with others and learnt that some people just don’t want to build fun cakes …. They would rather strictly stick to building serious cakes. He may want to build mean cakes with you 0_o

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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