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    There is this guy that I have my eyes on at my job (we’re coworkers). We catch each other looking at each other a lot and we spoke once but it was because he needed help (he was nice). I sometimes catch him staring at me, especially out of the corners of his eyes. Some days he stares back, some days he looks away rather quickly. I want to smile at him but I don’t because his demeanor and aura is so intimidating (maybe because I don’t want to look goofy). One day, he passed me by and was staring at me and I stared back. We started at each other for about 3-5 seconds. He eventually nodded at me without breaking the stare, but no smile. Sometimes when I’m talking to other people, I know that he’s looking at me (and I love it lol). Even though I think he may be interested, his poker face is intimidating and hard to read. Do you think he’s showing a slight interest? Is he just as shy as I am? I’m very intuitive and observant and my gut tells me that he has a bit of interest in me but, of course, it’s hard to tell. Please help lol.

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