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    X< He kept staring at me for a few seconds from a distance every day with consistency for practically more than a semester and then I sometimes caught him secretly last year.
    But he and I did not talk much last year, only once and
    that time he offered to help me.

    I live in another town now, and when he saw me after months and months he looked at me from head to toes twice and make a expression of satisfaction. and then looked at me other 2 times.

    Even the last time I saw him I turned and was there looking at me. So I take courage. Now live in another city I had to do something before leaving again.

    as soon as I saw him I went to him and I do them if he can speak for a moment and his friend who was near them turns and looks at him with a strange, almost smiling look.

    We moved away, and he tried to get closer to me. I make them a trivial excuse, but he looks me straight in the eye and thinks for a few seconds and he told me ” I am the least suitable person for this “with a big smile.

    I was agitated so I told him that I’ve asked him because I thought he is nice person. (but we never talk that much so of course he understood that I was interested)

    (However his voice was calm and deep and turned towards me completely I do not know if you help or not,)
    I ask him what was his name.
    And he turns back to me and he told me his name and surname with a little smile and with self confidence about himself and I told him my name, (he did not asked me, )I don’t know if he knew already after all the past year or if he was not interested about it.

    We talked a bit more then look down and I told him “oh well I thought you can told me more about it” I turn around and while I go I told him “nice” and he from behind told me “very nice” (hr was talking about himself)

    is he interested or is it just an illusion? he had the occasion to know me more but he didn’t take it…

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