Is he interested in me, or is he just impatient?

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    Coming from an introverted band student, who likes to perform at a rally with her team, and talks about her crush since the very start of the academic year.

    We’ve had numerous heart-fluttering moments together (I’d be happy to share some if you like!), though I don’t really know his heart (despite trying to read him spiritually [i.e. astrology] and eavesdrop conversations with other classmates [who are also his friends]). The thing is I don’t really talk to him. I try to, but I just couldn’t muster up the courage to.

    He’s a pretty hot-and-cold person that plays/watches animation on his phone when he has nothing left to do. On random moments of each day, he would sneak a glance and/or stare with his lips slightly parted, or blankly, towards me (except for this one day where I found myself smiling back at him when he did for some reason).

    Just today, when asking him (through text) if I could meet him for a brief moment, he responded:
    ‘ = him, ” = me

    “Because why not”
    ‘That’s not an explanation’
    “I will die”
    “;;;;” <- that was obviously exaggerated, I just wanted a yes from him
    ‘fine lunch u said’

    So then we began to talk about where to head to while I prep for the rally rehearsals during lunch, but my dance leader had continuously changed locations for the rehearsals (I wanted the meet-up to be close to my location). With that, when I met up with him, he seemed pretty impatient and standing behind a pillar waiting for me. When I gave him the note (reading “just saying hi!), he said, “Wait, that’s it?”, I nodded, and he walked away just like that, holding the note. With my group sitting by him and his friends (though there was a girl friend of his sitting next to him), I got much more eye contact with him (from mishearing names to rally performance [only on the first half]), to doing random things with my small ring of light).

    Overall, this gives me uncertainty. Does he like me?

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