Is he even interested or am I delusional?

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    Okay, so I like this guy.

    He’s in 7th grade, and I’m the 8th, soon I may go to High School, and I know I’ll miss him.

    Basically, he liked me first, I liked him too, but when he confessed I didn’t know how to tell him I felt the same way.

    This year we don’t even talk but we share an elective together. We usually try to avoid talking to each other but recently I’ve caught him looking at me, and whenever, even the slightest glance to a response towards, that action he turns away or hides his face in his hoodie/jacket.

    I could really use the advice.
    If you’d like me to explain the story more, and show you the way I obsess over him (xD) tell me in the comments below, I’m open to most responses.

    Thank You Very Much!

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