Is he busy or just politely rejecting?

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    I have Male friend who I’ve liked for a long time, me and my friend are confused by him as sometimes he seems interested, sometimes not. He’s very mature, forgiving etc. A few days ago I was pushed by friends to ask him if he would accept if I were to ask him to go out. He replied with
    “I would but with work I don’t have much time for hanging out much and as soon as I’m back in training I’ll have a bit less time as well, hanging out with you is fun because you get me and I can talk to you about my problems just as much as you can about yours. Thank you that’s nice of you to say though.

    So that happened, and my friends don’t seem to think I was “rejected” as such. But I know nothing so I’m super confused. I can’t really tell if he was politely rejecting, or kinda saying “I would if I had time, but I don’t”.

    To back it up, he does work really long shifts. From maybe 4am till 4pm or 4pm into 11 at night. So he is being honest. Any ideas?

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