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    Sushi R

    i have a crush on this guy, he is 23 and i am 19. we see each other in chemistry class and he really looks nice and cute. one time he sat next to me and i moved because i couldn’t see the board properly from the place where I was sitting down. So, the other day i asked one of my friend who is a good friend of my crush as well, to tell him i am sorry that i moved as soon as he (my crush) came. My crush told my friend to tell me not to worry about it. few weeks passed and one day i sat next to him (my crush). he started talking to me and asked me abt what i did during the weekend and stuff. He told me he likes my top. So after all that happened, the same mutual friend told me, my crush told one of his friends that how he assumes i like him (my crush) and he doesn’t have any feelings for me like that. I got really mad at him (my crush) for assuming stuff like that cus no one not even my closest friend knows i like him. Next day, i confront my crush and he said he did not say anything like that and all he asked the other guy was if i have a bf or not because it be weird if he starts talking to someone who has a bf. He also told me he finds me sweet. I want to know if he ( my crush) is lying and who to believe my friend or my crush. Also, my crush replies to me late and he told me he is really busy with work and he only has certain time dedicated to social media. he told me not to hate him for not replying fast and that whenever he sees a meme i pop up in his mind because i am his meme muddy. Is he an asshole? does he like me? should i trust him?

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