Introduced me as his girlfriend but not exclusive

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    Jazeli Eliza

    I wanted your opinion on this.
    I’ve been seeing a guy,and everything between us is smooth and gravy. I love how we are connecting with one another, and our relationship is growing.

    He invited me to an event, where I met the majority of his family. He introduced me as his girlfriend.

    Later on that day I asked him about it.
    He said that he wants me to be his girlfriend, but not just yet. He wants everything to be just right.
    He went further into detail,and I’m fine with waiting. There’s no rush @ all.

    But do you think he’s genuine? Or stringing me along?
    How long should I wait before I decide he’s stringing me along?

    Why would he introduce me as his girlfriend?

    He asked me ahead of time would I want to be introduced as his friend or girlfriend.
    I told him the decision was completely up to him, and I was okay with either one.

    I would just like your thoughts on the whole situation.

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