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    I know you kind of covered this topic before under the video is it possible to fall in love with someone you never met. I didn’t feel like that was something strange until I heard other peoples views on this. I still don’t think it is but, the fact is some people unbelievably in this day and age still think it is. I fell in love with a youtuber. I hate to use that term because I don’t view him as just a youtuber. He is more real to me than that. I’ve made some big mistakes along the way as in emailing him and letting him know how I feel. ( I may have mentioned the word love🤦🏾‍♂️) My feelings were unrequited which led me to chase him for a long time. That was big mistake #2. I recently wrote him a three paragraph email (yes email again) because I am not a social media person. I explained to him that I am still attracted to him, but i’m not going to chase him anymore. As usual he never responds to anything that has to do with how I feel about him. Once in a blue moon he may only respond to things that suit his interest. I don’t even know why I’m typing all this since I’ve made up my mind to force myself to accept the reality that he doesn’t feel the same. I guess I just keep wondering was I wrong for letting know how I felt and would it be any different if I actually met him in real life.


    I do better meeting people in person. If they are online, I pretend that they are not showing who they are, i.e. Photoshop and makeup. Online personalities get a lot of fan mail. They are used to it. Don’t take their lack of response personally.
    Find a hobby where you will meet people in person. Perspective helps. Enjoy life! The best person likes you for who you are. 🙂

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