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    Im a guy whos interested in a girl who happens to be one of my roommates. She initially showed interest first, though I had been interested already. Anyway long story short, she’s always been pretty awkward around me. Very outgoing, flirty, social, and talkative with everyone but me. I try to start conversations, even in subjects we are both into, and I get one sentence/word answers. We have had a few good conversations though. She even acts like she can’t see me when I walk right past her. She will still smile real big and stare at me from across the room. So the awkwardness is starting to infect me, making it more awkward. Threw out the idea of hanging out outside the house, and waiting for a response on that. So does she like me or just feel awkward cause she sees I like her?


    bro she likes you 100%

    girls act differently around guys they like. she gets nervous around you. thats a good sign

    she wants to go on a date with you and she is to shy to ask you out, so instead you should plan a date and tell her you want her to go with you. take charge and watch her say yes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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