Im confused over a girl i like..

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    Hi, my name is Klemen.
    Ive been hanging out with a girl that im interested but now im clueless..
    What happened: we’ve been talking for 3 months over snapchat and in real life and we got into a situation when were both clueless.
    We kissed,hugged alredy went on a date and then after like 2 weeks she started not acting the same, she doesnt want to talk even over snapchat she replies within 1-2 hours or maybe just 20 minutes.
    Thats why ive never found time to actually find time to ask her if she would be my girlfriend. Earlier that day she didnt want to talk to me at school and now she just told me a day ago she’s too busy for a relationship..
    I know what that means. Shes just too busy with being in a relationship with me..
    Im obly here to look for what can i do and im not gonna put effort into getting her to like me back like in the old days with her, since shes not putting any effort onto me.

    Thanks for reading this, im hoping to get an answer soon.

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