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    Hi I would really love some advice. There’s a guy I like who im really shy around. He picked up on the fact that I may be crushing on him just from how I was around him and he made it difficult for me by ignoring me, giving me the cold shoulder, avoiding me and sometimes giving me cold looks. Anyway, recently when he saw he he threw me off by giving me a cheeky smile but it was like he was playing with me. I ignored it then the next day when he saw me, he tried to get my attention to acknowledge me, I ignored him as if I didnt see him because I didnt want to be hurt. Half an hour later I was sitting with an old lady and from a distance he gave me an angry look like he couldn’t stand me, but he thought I wasnt looking and didnt realise I know what he did. He then walked passed me normally. What am I supposed to think? Is he just playing me, does he still not like me?

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂


    Hi Ruby,

    It isn’t surprising that you are confused about the way he acts.

    What you should understand is that you are dealing with a guy who may be emotionally immature and is hungry for control.

    There is a good chance that he gives you those cold looks and ignores you because he is looking to control the dynamics of your nonverbal interaction with him.

    In essence, he wants to feel like he is in control of your emotions at all times.

    Yes, he is playing you.

    He is turned on by the control that he is able to exert over your thoughts and emotions.

    In order to keep this going, he knows that he has to keep you guessing as to whether he likes you.

    In essence, he has to keep your curiosity piqued.

    That is why he gave you that cheeky smile that one time. He knew that by doing so, you would most likely start wondering whether he likes you.

    This way, he is able to stay in your mind.

    By remaining relevant in your mind, he is then able to give you angry looks when he chooses because he knows that doing so will bring your thoughts and emotions into chaos.

    Hence, he knows that there has to be a push and pull with you, so as to keep you continuously guessing about whether he likes you or not.

    This is something that some guys do because they want control and they are emotionally immature.

    It doesn’t mean that they like you.

    Even when there are moments where the guy may suddenly be acting all nice and attentive towards you, these are normally just ploys to keep you interested.

    This is how they are then able to revert back to the ignoring and the cold looks so as to maintain that control.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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