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    Kelsey Saint-Jean

    This guy that I like was trying to get to know me for a long time and I was in a weird place in my life. I did not want to date or even do the whole flirting thing at the time. So I turned down all his advances. I then moved from my apt in which I shared with his study partner which is why he was over most times. Anytime he was over he would spend all his time talking to me or about me. Trying to get me to do anything with him. He is a really great guy but I was confident in thinking he liked me. He now knows I like him and has tried repeatedly to talk to me but I keep messing up thinking he doesn’t. He seems tired of trying and doesn’t speak to me as much. My confidence is horrible and I can’t even talk to him in person b cause of all the embarrassing things that have happened. Like my sister messaged him on Facebook asking him what his intentions were for me. He handled calmly and told her ‘Kelsey and I did not hang around a lot, she always stayed in her room.’ After that he has still tried to get to know me and said 3 months ago that he doesn’t like that I don’t open up. I feel really sad because the embarrassment from the past is always on my mind so I feel insecure spreading to him. He is liking a lot of some other girls pictures and I’m thinking he is over it. When we exit we seem very cool but I think he doesn’t want to do that anymore because I act different in person. I feel dumb because I don’t know how to act after all the embarrassment.


    He did enough. If you want him you have to make a move and not wait for him to try. He’s tried enough with you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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