I told her I liked her but she said she's not ready for a realtionship

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    Hi man, first I want to say that I really like your content, it’s been very helpful !

    I (22M) met this (21F) girl last november at school and we became good friends. It really seemed like she was into me: we flirted a lot, lots of compliments and touching, she asked me to work with her on a project, she also drunk dialed me late a night to ask me to join her at a party. Usually, I try not to imagine things with girls, I assume they’re just friendly but this time I was almost certain there was something.

    We actually went on a date on Tuesday, and I think it went really well. We talked a lot, had a good time, got to know each other better. At the end of the date, I decided I didn’t want ambiguity between us and I told her I like her. It seemed she took it really well, she had a huge smile on her face during my awkward love monologue. At the end she told me she got out of a relationship and that she’s still recovering, she hasn’t been in a relationship since then. She didn’t exactly say she just wanted to be friends though.

    So I’m confused. I know that usually, when a girl says that, it’s just a nicer way of saying she’s not into YOU. But I really felt like there was more than friendship in this case. That’s why I’m making this post. I don’t want to pressure her into anything, being friends is just fine. I thought I would have a clear answer at the end of the date but I’m still wondering today. I asked a close friend about this, she said that she (the girl I like) actually likes me but she needs time to think.

    I need your opinion on this. Usually, I’d just move on and start talking to other girls but I don’t know, I feel differently about this one. I really like her. Should I just move on ? Or wait for her to give me a definite answer in a few weeks ?

    TL;DR: She really seems to like me but she told me she’s not ready for a relationship at the end of our date. What do I do ?

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