I think we both know we like each other, but he hasn't made a move

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    Good Evening! Thank you for your great channel and advice. I am currently frustrated with a situation regarding a crush, recently I began my first year of college. There’s a guy in my class, we both noticed each other on the first day of class. As he was introducing himself I looked back at him. I developed feelings for him ever since It’s hard to maintain eye contact because he sits at the back of the class and I sit in the front. However, every time he talks in class I look back at him, sometimes he walks by me I am guessing to make eye contact and I return his gaze. However, we haven’t talked yet and it’s about the middle of the semester. I sit in the front, he sits in the back of the class, I noticed that his body faces my direction and he does stare/look at me from his seat. The other day we made eye contact, I thought he would approach me at the end of class, but he didn’t. I really like him, I think he might like me as well, but I don’t know how to approach him. I was thinking to talk to him at the end of the semester, but I want to get to know him now. I don’t know what to do. Any advice, please?

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