I think she likes me, but she doesn't really care for texting me

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    I think this girl likes me alot, but if we are not in together she doesn’t talk to me, I am not sure what the issue is. Most of our text usually start with me and end with her, she rarely leaves me on read, but most of her answers are short and to the point, she “laughs” at the stuff I send to her but I can’t tell if I just suck at texting or if I’m just, she wants me out of her hair, she is playing hard to get, or if she just likes me more in person. I need help! P.s. signs in person that she likes me is that she will touch me alot, stare at me for long amounts of time,smiles alot, and follows me around when we are both on break, even though I have no invitation to do such. (Example: we were on work break and I stopped to talk my friends and she stopped right next to me and butted in to our convos, and when I tried to stick around she tried to coerce me to follow her. but I just don’t get the same vibe that she likes me as much while we text while I text the on the phone. And no I don’t right paragraphs 🙂


    I think you have to give it more time to see. Text conversation and in person interaction can be different for different people.

    Like for example two people who text a lot to each other may not talk to each other much in person.

    Everyone’s different. But it seems she’s got some interest when she’s with you in person. Again give it some time and observe the situation and go from there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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