I love with someone I had a crush on while I was dating someone

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    I am in love with a good friend of mine who in the past hinted to me that he had a crush on me and told me how cute my voice was and that he enjoyed my presence. While this was happening I was in a relationship and I couldnt have reciprocated those feelings even though I really liked him, physically and his humor and personality, but he was also my ex’s best friend while a close friend of mine as well. Later on he got into a relationship and then soon after I left mine for reasons not involving him. He often is cold to me or jokes around harshly by “banter” of making fun of the way I look even so far as calling me ugly. And its weird since before he said I was pretty, but now calls me annoying and ugly. When guys who are mutual friends develop a crush on me he is usually talking to me about them and how they like me and all. Often acts protective in a way of pushing the other guys away. He has a girlfriend and there are times he will go out of his way to start conversation or text me when we are in the same room. He loves his girlfriend but this makes me so confused. I know if I cut him out and stop talking to him maybe my crush will fade but Ive tried and ive tried talking to other guys distracting myself but yet my feelings are still there. We work together so I cant really avoid him all that much and we are in a close friend group and I want to be his friend. I just dont know what to do but sit and watch how him and his girlfriend exchange I love you’s in front of me.

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