I left him,now I want him back.

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    I’ve been seeing this guy for little less than a month.We found each other on Tinder but I only accepted to meet him a year later.In a month we had 10 dates.He was perfect!Always texting me,calling me and being sweet and caring.Except one day he text me while I was at a birthday party and I told him I wanted to see him and could have gone to his house (where I had been before).He said he was tired and wasn’t sure he wanted to see me that night.I said it was ok but then when I went back home and he started texting me I left him in a rude way.Now I am trying to get him back because I really like him but he never initiate the conversation.I told him I am really sorry but he just mainly replies to my sporadic texting.He has been out of town for 3 weeks because of his new job and told me he will call me to see me when he’s back.I am worried,do I have hopes to get him back?If so,how?
    Thank you very much.

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