I have feelings for my Brother in Laws Sister

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    Michael Morley

    I’ve liked her for quite a while she’s 19, I’m 24. I feel like the more I see her? the more prominent the attraction becomes. We always look at each other. I notice her look at me then quickly turn away whenever I look into her direction. I’ve noticed that she’s usually quiet in her group of friends on certain occasions whenever I’m talking to them, sometimes I try to add her in to the convo but she’s always too coy and mellow. Funny thing is My Sister and Her Brother are getting married next month. We’re both going to be a Bridesmaid and Groom’smen for the wedding. Also we’re going to be partners too. So I’m thinking I should be extra confident and cool with her. Just thought I’d ask if there’s any moment to ask a girl out. Would this kinda event be the prime time extravaganza to do it? I mean we’re going to be Dancing and having Photo’s taken together. Any advice? Cheers.

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