I have a huge crush on a man 11 years older

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    I met a guy at work about 8 months ago during summer for a summer job. I’ve only ever seen him once in person because we were working in different buildings but ever since I met him, we’ve been chatting through the computer system at work. At first I thought we were doing this because there was nothing to do at work and we were bored the majority of the time.

    But then summer ended and we both moved to different states. I knew I would lose touch with him if i didn’t ask him for his number. So i asked him through the chat what his number was and he gave it to me. I wasn’t expecting to keep in touch with him after that summer, but for 8 months straight, we’ve been texting each other. Sometimes I text first, sometimes he does, and the convos last a while. He even suggested we should hang out next time we see each other.

    And I realized that I like him a lot. But we talk like we’re best friends. I can’t tell if he likes me. I really want to tell him that i’m in love with him but I think it’s a bad idea. This guy is also 11 years older than me, so I can’t tell if he feels the same way or if i’m just being a stupid young girl, etc. My feelings for someone have never been this strong before and my emotions are piling up and I just want to know how he feels about me.

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