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    Pam Bramlet

    I have a guy friend that I don’t understand whats going on. I have a friend that he won’t tell people his emotions. If I don’t text him he text me. I have known him for almost 6 years. He has became a special part of my life he acts so confused at times when it Congress to me. He says that his mom won’t like that I already have my own family already but if she meets me that she quill change her mind. But I haven’t meet her yet. He says that I was placed in his life to show that lifetime friendship loyalty and unconditional love truly exsit and he was like in going to bef. He don’t want to sleep with me we slipped up one time and had sex and he left so fast like something was wrong. He won’t tell me why he did that. We both have not had sex with anyone since that has been over a year and he makes sure I know that. He said that I been too good to him to just have sex with me. He says he don’t want to just have sex and leave I don’t know what to do anymore in so confused. He was hurt by a girl over six years ago but I funny know of that has anything to do with now I need some advice. Its like sometimes he trying to have that with me but he can’t I’m lost

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