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    Hi! I met a guy in an online date web and he is (was) so nice that I gave him my number and we started to talk in whatsapp. Everything’s was veryyy well. I don’t speak English very well but with him was so easy and I felt so comfortable . We spent hour talking by phone. But suddenly he started to asking for sexy pics and I sent a couple of pics. But then he didn’t like my normal pics (he use to said that I was a 10/10 or that I was perfect) but now if I didn’t sent a sexy pic he just don’t care o won’t chat and when he talk to me was for asking for more sexy pics. One day (4 days) I had a few problems while was out with my friends (he wrote that he was interested in me that night) but when I got home I was so sad I just wanted to talk with him and I called but he didn’t answer. I was sooo mad that I sent a few not nice messages and the day after he wrote me that he couldn’t chat anymore because he met somebody and I wasn’t fair for “THEM” (didn’t understand) and he blocked fr9m whatsapp i write him from IG and he respo nse was “please relax a lil” I replied to him and said that I’m sorry that he knows I’m not like that and that I didn’t care if he met someone because we could be friends cause I though he was nice a very funny. Now I was checking the online dating app and he blocked me (or delete his account) it felt siii bad. But he handy blocked in Instagram. That’s weird. I just deleted his numbers. Buut didn’t blocked him on any app. Ohhh I text the night that I was in phsyco mode and he answered “Who is this”. At first I didn’t believe that he was with someone else but now I believe it. (He invited until next week to visit him and go to a wedding with him) so I do not understand anything. PLEASEEE HELPPP!


    I will be honest he got from you what he wanted u gave him ur nudes and he stopped replaying to you.Saying forward he just wanted your pictures and u are naive…..sorry but i am just honest and im a dude also

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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