I don't know if he is mad at me or if he has lost interest in me

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    I’m 21. I have known this person for 4 years. He is very close to me but we are not in any sort of tagged relationship.. like you know “relationship” relationship or “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. We are Just very close and I love him and he loves me too(maybe). Now we have had a beautiful and romantic friendship so far. I suffer from mental health issues so I have to deal with depression, anxiety, insecurities, fear everyday.they are a part of my daily life. He has been quite supportive so far and he knows how much he means to me as he is the only one person with whom I actually talk and how much scared I am to lose him. We have been conversing so beautifully and blissfully (sometimes we get mad at each other and Stop talking for months but things get back to normal again). But suddenly now, a few days back, he got mad at me for some reason which he has repeatedly told me not to do, yet I did because I couldn’t control my impulses and obviously it’s related to my mental health. He has become very aloof, constricted after that. I have tried to talk him out of the matter, I have asked him for apologies, pleaded him but he won’t talk. He told me that he thinks that he loves me but he is not feeling any sort of emotions or feelings atm. He said he needs enough time. He also said he’s not sure if he would ever text me and that I shouldn’t wait for his texts. But again when I asked him if he loves me or not, he told me he does ( but I am a cynic so I don’t know whether to believe him, I am just so scared. I think he has Left me because he lost interest?). I have been so stressed for the past few days that I am getting these frequent psychogenic fevers. I don’t know what to do in this situation? Shall I wait patiently for him to calm down or shall I cut all my hopes of getting him back in my life? I Just want to understand what exactly is in his head but he won’t say anything and I don’t want to irritate him. He made it clear that if I ask him any sort of questions regarding this matter or any matter which is related to our relationship, then he would get irritated.

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    I think you should give him space. He’ll talk when he feels ready to talk. It doesn’t sound like he’s leaving you. He was mad at the situation so he just needed a little space to figure out his feelings.

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    i also feel that a guy needs his space whenever you guys got into an argument or whenever he is mad, because guys tends to pull back when they are angry, they don’t really talk about their emotions, they tend to keep their emotions to themselves. so just give him time, i’m sure he will be back to you! Good Luck

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