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    ive been texting this guy for about two weeks now, i have grown found of him in this short space of time and its been about 5 five years since ive been in a relationship. Anyway we began talking late night he seems very honest and focus on bettering him self which i find to be excellent however he has a girlfriend and says hes in a complicated relationship complicated as in shes has migrated to the states. Now i know i shouldnt be seeing anthing long term with him because of his commitment at first it wad honestly nothing i even tried to break it off but fell back in the same postiton of chatting and i know all to well what chatting does it forms a connection that is hard to break on both sides well so i thought he confided in me certin things about his famiy an im wondering if i jus an outlet for him to vent to cause at this point i could do with out carry=ing anyone and there problems, i hate to feel this way because i know ive been hoinp the right one would find me eventually, i alwasy believe if i do all the roght things maybe my luck after my first break up would change. nothing cud be so far from reality im getting older and the dating pool seems like its getting smaller and smaller. i wonder if i would ever get the right guy and it makes me look just desperate know that i wasnt a person who dwelled on relationships but by know he sud be here i mean come one. any way so as of resent i waited for him to come on line and told him “hi” he responded by saying that atm he was leaving to go to work and doesnthave his phone on him. heart wrecked i felt so use less like really dude after all that time all that was said this is how its suppose to end with you blowing me off. I really have tried you know ive tried being good and bad it doesnt work,at times i fell like growing old and alone i cant never get it right. i know he wasnt for me sud have figured that out along time ago. he asked me to help him with a course he is going to do in september, but im not interested in helping a person who is all about conveniece. he could atleast find a way to speak with me ask for my number or something, show ur interest but who is me to beg for things like this. im just a princess whoes tired of kissing frogs


    Tbh, if you like him that much and there is a mutual connection. I’d let him know this is putting you in a bad situation where you are falling for him and he is still in a relationship, but you gotta keep it in your mind if you pursue him right now, and he cheats on his current gf with you. He is going to do the exact same thing to you in the future. I have the same issue to wanting something I can’t have. He’s getting gratification talking to and still being in a relationship.

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