I can't think of good title I just need some help

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    I’ll get straight to the point here; I like this popular guy I’m not sure if he likes me back, he sends mixed signals probably because he found out that I like him. Its been almost a year now and I just cant stop liking him every single day I want to see his face before I go to bed he’s always in my head (I rhymed :> ) , I often have dreams about him, but I often find it annoying I sometimes can’t concentrate on schoolwork.

    I want to get it over with and confess to him and hopefully get rejected and I can finally move on I was never even close to him anyways and we live in two completely different worlds anyway I’m unpopular;I have no self-esteem whatsoever; I like anime and other weeaboo stuff. But a little speck of hope in me is saying “what if he DOES like you? What will you do then? You made a promise to your father not to date anyone at a young age? A-secret-realtionship-summer-fling seems like a good idea but how are you gonna erase all those memories you two shared?” (Tbh the inner me is like wanting every cliché couple scene to happen to me and wants me to die alone)

    Someone help me with this very. Very. Very complicated life I’m in right now. I dont really mind if you’re a relationship expert or not I’d like to hear anyone’s opinions or advice

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