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    I’ve been watching your channel for at least a year now and I’m pretty desperate for help. I’m 22 going into my senior year of college and I have horrible luck with attracting guys. The one time a guy did approach me I was ghosted. I’ve tried dating apps and going to social events with my friends, but I’ve had no luck in even starting or continuing conversations with guys I’m interested in. How can I make myself more approachable so that men express interest in me like they do with my girl friends?


    Try making yourself stand out from other people and dont make it seem like they need to come to you maybe confront them first I know its hard but once you done it the first time you feel its actually fine you gonna get people who turns you down but if your not unique and stand out from different people and just sit in a group not trying and waiting nothing will happen.


    I have been in the same exact boat! I would be the tag along and no one would approach me. It all changed when I thought to myself would could I improve / do to attract guys and them to talk to me? I figured out it was my mindset! I have zero confidence, was very quiet, not making as much effort as I could to put myself out there.
    I made the changes the it was a total change! People would talk to me and guys started to notice me.

    I would recommend you to write down your strengths, weaknesses and personality traits then see what you want to improve on. E.g. You are anxious when speaking to others. Then you can improve your social communication skills by researching online or watching videos.

    Next after you have looked at what you want to improve and happy with. I also recommend you to look at quotes. They are really helpful!

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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