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    So… There is this new guy in our class. He was v nice and flirtatious at first. Everyone thought we had a thing for eachother. A friend of mine got jelous and asked if he likes me. After that conversation between him and my friend, he stopped talking to me as much. To be honest, though I have been ignoring him too. The weird part is that he just stares at me. It is so strange and I always wonder why he does that since he stopped being as friendly/protective/talkative as he was before. Ty for the help :)!


    Hi Sanzi,

    He may keep staring at you because there is still a part of him that wants to talk and flirt with you like he used to do before.

    However, his conversation with your friend may have caused a change of mind in terms of how he interacts with you.

    Perhaps being that he is new and your friend may like him, he doesn’t want to cause any drama in class. He may be more interested in making friends than enemies right now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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