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    So I started working with this girl, a small retain environment. At first we just talked to pass time at work, but the more we talked the more I realized I actually liked her. I would go out of my way for her, I would always hang out in her work station and talk to her (our shared interests, personal beliefs, family) But I kept my feelings in check because we work together. I always looked for signs of interest (eye contact, light touching, hair flipping, neck showing it was all there. But at times she would mention this “guy” she’s talking to, she never used the label bf. She would bring him up a few times whenever we steer closed in talking about relationships, she even compared me to him once (we’re both good listeners), and she mentioned him to another female coworker once in front of me. I wasn’t if she was trying to make me jealous or trying to indirectly tell me to back off. Each time she brought him up (it was like 4 times) I would never react, kept my cool. Anyway we hung out with our other coworkers one time and we kept talking to each other, we stood and sat very closed to each other. So the following week I mustered up some courage and asked her casually to hang out on a sat morning, since she mentioned she wasn’t doing anything. I asked her to hang out and get some coffee (since we both like coffee) she initially said yes and smiled. The next day when were walking out together I brought it up again, asked her if we were still good for tomorrow and she seemed hesitant saying that she would text me later that night to let me know, so am thinking crap its off. she texts me saying she is good to go, I text her back asking her if a specific time worked for her, she never responds until the next day saying her messaged never sent and she overslept, basically flaking. I just kept my cool, told her we would do it some other time. Come Monday, I acted normal because of course we worked together, gotta be amicable. And she kept saying how she’s a horrible texter and how she hoped I had a nice weekend. But I was adamant on keeping my distance now, I guess in my mind she flaked on me, so I wasn’t going to be so available anymore and I stopped going to her station, I kept my cool but stayed busy and wouldn’t talk to her as much, if I did talked to her I would keep it fun but short. I think she noticed because she would make more of an effort to come by my station now and talk to me more. I would spend more time talking. Anyway some of the signs are still there, maybe even more so now, she hasn’t mentioned the guy again but I don’t know if I should try one more time to ask her out or If I should just move one, maybe I have been friendzoned and I don’t even know it. Sucks cuz even though I wanted to keep my distance as the week progress I couldn’t resist but being close to her. What should I do guys/girls ?


    You need to your priorities first and stop putting yourself in the friendzone. The next time you talk to her, you need to be honest with her that you like her, and you would like to take her out. Be honest and come from the heart, she will appreciate it.

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