How to get the good looking guy that gets approached by a lot of women ?

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    i know this is very long but please i really need your help and i love watching your videos as they help but i want an answer to a situation thats a little bit more specific.

    How do you attract a guy that is obviously good looking and already gets so much attention from a lot of girls. What if you’re not the type to approach a man ? you know for a fact he thinks you’re attractive but hasn’t made a move yet. you have both caught eyes before on many occasions but he does not approach me. This guy works in the same mall as me and he is always looking at me and i might be his type but nothing …

    I remember a few weeks ago i wanted to get his attention so me and my friend went to where he worked and pretended we were there to buy something.i started getting along with his colleague and i told her how i feel about him because i knew there was no other way this guy was going to approach me. she told me that soo many girls always flirt with him and try to hit on him and that hes a shy ans quiet guy. she also told me that he is single. After that, she asked me if she could interfere so i said sure. i leave the shop and a few minutes later he follows me on instagram. after that i texted his colleague since i had her instagram too and asked her what happened. she told me she asked him if he thought ‘she’ (me) was pretty and he knew straight away who she was talking about and said yeh he thinks im really pretty. i was really ecstatic at first, but then this is where it goes down hill. me being stupid and very impatient dm’s him like 3 days later because i know that he wouldn’t and asked him why he followed me to get a straight answer because i have had a crush on this guy for the longest time EVER. a whole day past and he didn’t reply so i got upset and felt dumb so i unsent the dm, and from then , nothing happened 🙁 i always think about him because he is such a mystery to me (which is what his colleague said too. i find men like this very attractive and he ticks almost all the boxes but i just want a chance to get to know him and clearly this guy has a lot of pride. i think the reason why he did not reply to my dm is because maybe hes either not interested , or didnt know how to reply and i really regret dm’ing him that. Please help me whagt should i do i really want this guy. i am going back to work soon and i know what days he works so maybe i can purposely try to bump into him or something.i dont want to seem desperate but im sure if he gets to know me he will like me since he finds be attractive and i know when a guy does. i have never liked a guy and he has not liked me back before so this made me really sad 🙁
    thank you


    Hello there. I can understand your situation and I might give an insight in case no one else replies.

    First of all you shouldn’t have reached that level of liking only by his appearance. You must at least talk or deal with him to see if you like him for real without building imaginary expectations of him. Whether he talks to alot of girls or don’t doesn’t mean a thing. In addition to that, i got the sense that you didn’t really show him true signs of liking. For example, walk around him and once you see him draw a smile and wave with your hand and say Hi and slow down, so just in case there will be a conversation after. But what you did is like all other girls do and a shy guy needs as well to know if a girl likes him as well, so you need to fill that part as long as you like him, so in case he is just being friendly you can confront your self sooner with the facts and move on.

    Another mistake when you over exaggerate a decision and deletes a dm long before he even checks it out. 72 hours is the redline and not a day. He might be busy, he might has seen a notification and looking for a good reply. So anyway say what you think is right and own it, so whatever happens next could even indicate what your situation might even be.

    Lastly understand the fact that relationships are not complicated but they are very hard. And the more you associate by any way with the person, the clearer and better the signs, or to even get on red flags you care for.

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