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    When I have conversations with girls, they rarely take off. It’s just me asking her a bunch of questions that really end up going nowhere, leaving me feeling awkward when it is all said and done.


    Hi Dylan,

    Making conversation isn’t only about asking questions. It’s also about following up on an answer the girl has given you and delving deeper into that particular angle.

    It’s about creating brief breaks by interjecting lighthearted jokes or flirting so that the girl doesn’t feel like she is at a job interview.

    Making conversation is also about being spontaneous. If something unexpected just happened as you were both talking, let her in on it:

    “Oops, my cat just jumped on my lap. Didn’t see that coming.”

    “I could have sworn I just saw Tom Cruise walk by or someone that looks just like him.”

    Just spontaneous stuff that doesn’t always relate to the topic at hand but references something that just happened.

    Doing all these things in conversation makes it flow naturally, so that it doesn’t feel rehearsed or like you had already prepared a bunch of questions beforehand that you were going to ask her.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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