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    I look above average in appearance myself. I am not attracted to the kind of guys that pursue me and it is frustrating. They aren’t good quality.

    How do I attract the good ones?


    Hi Elizabeth,

    Oftentimes, you may not be attracting the better looking guys because you aren’t letting them notice you.

    Better looking guys are naturally going to attract more girls. The girls that these guys notice are typically the ones that show interest through sending clear interest signals their way or even better, starting a conversation with them.

    You have to consider what your body language is like whenever you are around better looking guys. If you keep your head down because you are too nervous to make eye contact, it will be easy for them to ignore you.

    There are other girls who are willing to make eye contact and smile at them. These are the girls that they will focus on talking to.

    Better looking guys just have too many dating options.

    They are not like the kind of guys that tend to pursue you. Those guys don’t have anywhere near as many dating options and feel like they have nothing to lose in pursuing you whether you are showing signs of interest or not.

    Improve your body language whenever you are around these better looking guys by making eye contact, smiling and even flirting with your eyes. On some occasions, use your eyes to give them the up and down appraisal before smiling.

    Being proactive increases the chances that these better looking guys notice you and become curious enough about you to make a move.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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