How can I get him to stop avoiding eye contact with me.

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    Ok. My crush refuses to make eye contact. He is the lead in my department. Not a supervisor just lead guy. When supervisor is out he calls the shots. I let him know a few months ago I was interested in getting to know him outside of work. He didn’t respond. We use to joke around every now and then before but he had a girlfriend so I wasn’t interested in more. He is newly single as of late January and she does work in same building different department. Well anyways. He rarely looks me in the eye. For instance, a Co worker and I was at a desk and he comes over to my side but will not make eye contact with me to save his life. She noticed . Every now and then he will make a goofy face at me when passing. I not sure if the no eye contact is a defense , he likes me or repulsed. He’s a nice guy and though him and his x are done, I know he wouldn’t want to hurt her. I have worked with him for years. he makes me so nervous. It’s been almost 3 months,. Shouldn’t this wired stage be over already. How can I get him to be more comfortable around me.


    Maybe he doesn’t want to because you are coworkers and he is trying to keep it professional. Try outside of work and see if he act differently. Another possibility is that maybe he is hoping that he and his ex might get back together sometime and doesn’t want to find someone else already.

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