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    Hi! So, I guess I would just like to get your perspective on this and your thoughts. The guy that I am kind of seeing right now is away and so I sent him a “flirty ” picture and he responded with three red heart emojis. Do you think that is a good response? what does he mean by that? Why did he not use his words?

    sincerely, An emoji-ally confused girl


    Hi Dina,

    That isn’t a particularly good response to your picture.

    If this guy was really into you and you sent him a flirty picture, he would have been all over it.

    He would have told you about how hot or sexy you looked in the picture and may have followed that up with some very flirtatious words due to his excitement.

    Three red heart emojis is normally an indication of a guy who isn’t all that into you but still thinks that you are cute.

    This type of sentiment would not motivate him to actually use words to respond to your flirty picture.

    His behavior would indicate that he doesn’t mind keeping you around, for now.

    By sending those three red heart emojis, he was subconsciously demonstrating that you are someone that somewhat has his attention for now.

    He wanted to placate you by sending those three red heart emojis in the hopes that you will feel encouraged to stick around.

    However, this is a guy that may easily bail on you upon meeting some other girl that truly excites him deeply.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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