His ignoring me after I ask him about his words

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    Hii, my name is Annisa from Qatar
    I was in a difficult situation right now.
    So I was ask my boyfriend to help me about financial, he tell me he will help me but I need to be patience and wait for this. And again, I was asking him about this help, and he still tell me to be wait, and he was tell me after 7 or 8days. 8days pass already, I was ask again about the help, he tell me he still dont have, and just be wait. I keep on waiting on him.
    The last time, I was meet him, and he was tell me within this week I will give you. But up until now, he not even give to me. I was so pissed off to him because of his words. I mean, if couldn’t even help me, just tell the truth if he can’t help, dont keep me always waiting for him.
    And I can not wait enough to waiting his call, I blew up all my emotional by texts. I texts him all what I feel. He just read at all, no any respond. I was try to call him 4times, he not answer at all, I was thinking may be his busy.
    Second day, I sent him voice messages, to say sorry because I blew up my emotional by texts. He just listen all my voice message, not even respond, again I sent him voice messages, he still didn’t respond. And I try to call him, again he not answer. Now its already 2days he ignoring my calls and texts.
    Why he do like this to me? Did he angry? Or what?
    Did he try to dump me?
    Did all the meaning is our relationship its over?
    I can not read all of this.
    I feel so bad at all

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