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    Hey so starting from the beginning im 24 male from Europe
    Im 6.2 height short brown hair blue eyes overall goodlooking 85 kilograms . Im social person but i really enjoy my alone time also .The problem is i still cannot find a girlfriend to create a stable relationship. I got tinder which doesnt work really well where i live and i got few other dating accounts and apps.I like parties with friends but i rarely go to clubs or bars i prefair home party or somewere outside like a grill.Im studying psychology and im soon finishing my driver lisence i got good relationship with my parents ( i live with mother only) . Ive met 3 girls my dating apps. I really am good listener i ask alot of questions when meeting someone new i can talk about myself also if they ask about something.I think i am good conversationalist overall.Am i confident person i think i am because for example i got paired with a girl and after few words i told her: Hey give me your number i wanna get to know about you more but we speak later because im busy now. She gave me the number i texted her we will talk in the evening when im free which is true bcs i had to go on my studies. My final question is do girls think im too confident and too good looking for them and they dont see me as a future partner or whats wrong with me ?


    Congratulations welcome to the fuckboy club… You’re in the top 20 percent of guys who have a monopoly on the women… Women will sleep with you but not necessarily date you. In the Roman empire the powerful men wanted to keep their women happy so they allowed them to sleep with the gladiators and help bring up the child they had with the gladiators. You’re a gladiator but you want to be the Emperor. There’s nothing wrong with you brother XD

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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