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    Seo emma

    There is that guy who used to be with me in a coirse class.during montbs he tried to get my attention and sent hints(i could easily tell he is interested),due to his shyness and my cold attitide oir interactions were limited,the coirse is over and he couldn t make a move.we exchanged numbers and couple of days after that no sign from.i texted to wish goodl luck for the exam and indirectly let him know he can text me.he was very welcoming and talked lot.then more than a week ltr didn t initiate contact until i sjared some info with him about the results. We talked a little and then when the conversation reaches an end he never initiated texting.
    I am confused and want to know if he is waiting for a clear sign or just lost interest and i should move on??

    Thank you so much


    Guys, are very hard to understand.

    He may be the type of guy that prefers to talk you in person, rather than over text.

    Try calling him, FaceTime him, if possible or if you’d like talk to him in person.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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