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    Sooo there’s school event and all my friend went taking picture together with this guy, I end up following them and taking picture together with him too. The next day, my friend tease me like shout out right to his face saying that I like him (actually I’m not, uhm not yet haha). Next day and the other day after that, he stares at me, like for sooo many times he’s been doing that all the time without making any move or even smile. He’s a shy guy anyway. And I just stare him back for seconds. I think that I’m really dumb for wasting my chance? Because I don’t smile at him when our eyes met… I don’t know that I should do that if I kinda interested to him lol, and I feel like I’m weak when our eyes met haha also how can I randomly(?) smile at him when we even never talk before XD And about 2-3 weeks after that, he suddenly stopped staring at me. I try to look at him whenever I see him, but he never look back. What should I do? I’m kinda interested with him, but he’s a shy guy and I don’t know what to do. Is it weird if I try to approach him first? Like, I don’t think he’ll approach me first… tho I’m a lil bit shy too

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