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    my boyfriend and i known each other 8 months now he loves more than i do, in the beginig of th relationship he was the one who chase me to love him, he succed but latelty each time he didn’t pay attention to me, or not calling me i threat him by saying i will leave you, we solve the problem and same thing happen over and over , latelty he was having finacial problem and i was asking him to see me it’s like i didn’t stand up for him in his problem it’s like adding fire to him, i kow that i made mistake but i was really back then angry at him i said things that i regret, a was writting to him like crazy first he was answering me then he stoped he reads without any respond more he does it the more angry i become, finally i said to him everything is done between us, the next morning i act like i didn’t do nothing i keep text him calling him without an answer, i know i’ve done worst to him but i opoligized to him, and no answer he keep read what i send to him;
    it’s been 2 weeks now i stoped texting him now and the last message i sent that everything is over
    he keeps throwing video in whatsup saying that he don’t need me and he feel anger when he thinks of me ithe video not sent to me it on his statut
    i forget to mention that he talk to my mom; and my mom asked him if everything is okay,he said that yes everthing is good and there is nothing to worry about and we are both fine. in other hands he does not spea to me at all
    what does really mean? ive been suffering since then i really don’t know what really is going on


    I think he is feeling very frustrated and angry. He needs to be left alone.

    I would advise you to immediately stop contacting him all together. No phone calls, messages anything.
    You need to respect that he needs space and he needs to get himself back on track.
    If he wants to contact you, he will. But otherwise if he doesn’t, leave it alone.

    In the meantime focus on yourself. What do you want to improve on and get better at? What life goals do you want to achieve?

    You can never force something that wasn’t meant to be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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