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    A girl that i fell in love in summer aproached me on winter and said she really likes me and she loved me since the day we hangout on summer.But when she told me that my best friend was near and the plan was he will be with her in a realetionship.I didnt want to be a bad friend and i said sry no.The next day she called me to hangout and we did and i didnt do nothing about a realetionship and that got her mad.She stoped calling me after it and for 2 months i didnt saw her but could not stop thinking about her.We were in the club and she left at 3 atm and i went with her we talked and then i wanted to kiss her and she rejected me.Now every time we meet there is like a connection beetween us and everyone can see that.I aproached her 1 more time and got another rejection i havent thinked about her in few months but yesterday i dreamed about her and i dont know what should i do.Every time we meet we talk about sex and all love stuff but there will be accesions when she keeps asking me why am i not older cause she is 16 and im 15 idk what should i do now i thinks she rejected me cause of the age but idk i know she still likes me.Can someone help me

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