He wants a committed relationship the next day he blocked me

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    I met someone online, we been talking in the phone before we finally met.He told me what are his intention and really showing me interest.He told me all about him and found out he is telling the truth.I could say our first meeting was amazing we share what we like and seems everything was perfect. We had passionate kiss and he clearly told me he wants us to be exclusive not as dating but to be in a committed relationship as gf/bf and if he wants to build future with me.We still communicate the next day he updated his status “in relationship” in his social account,in response i update my status too and all my friends are happy with me.We sent text to each other as we usually do and he said he is not feeling well and he will lay a little bit.Then after my work I tried to call him and it’s only a voicemail I thought he just need some rest, so i send him a message to take care and get well.Then the following day i can’t contact him and seems like he blocked me in his celphone and to his social media account.I sent him message and told him to tell me what is going on. He responsed and said he thinks it will not work out, I was so confused we havent even started and yet he said it will not work out, he told me i didn’t keep my promise but i can’t remember what it is. Now I felt so broken hearted thinking what i did wrong, I believed, trusted and open my heart to him.I felt like he fly me up high in the sky and suddenly he dropped me off.I don’t know what to think and felt so sad to what had happen.
    Any advice to make me feel better !


    Oh my I don’t really have answers for you. I had a similar situation.
    Date Friday, lovely night, really nice guy, kissed me at the end, text to say had a really nice night.
    Then last night, the day after he text me to ask how I was etc, Couple of messages sent then i notice my last one on WhatsApp only had one tick and his picture has been removed. He blocked me!!! Like wtf, why???
    Why even bother to message if he was gonna block me ten minutes later. I’m disappointed, constant rejection

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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