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    We had a class in HS when I met him.He helps me get a job at his family restaurant. Then his older sister tells me he likes me knowing that I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. We have sex knowing that I have a bf and I knowing he has a gf .After so many years my bf tells me he heard rumors that I had sex with that co worker.This HS/co worker recently contacted me through fb after 10 years and I asked him why he told people and he denied it

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    I’m curious to know how many people you’ve cheated on your body with. Though you’d probably lie… Because you’re a dishonest person. Why did he deny it? Because he’s a dishonest person like yourself.

    You could discuss becoming swingers with your boyfriend so that you two could sleep with other people together. That way you wouldn’t have to lie to him. Swinging would also probably stop you from needing to cheat on him.

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