He said he likes me but we moved too fast

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    Ok so I was seeing this guy. Typical everything great! Lots of interest. We said we didn’t want to see anyone else. Then he pulls away slowly until he finally disappears (no I didn’t see it until the end – or I didn’t want to admit it). I call him out on not communicating for a week. He comes back saying he still likes me but we moved too fast and he doesn’t know if he said something wrong to me but he thinks I’m great. I come back with I still like you and youre probably right we moved too fast but if you wanted to try again slower that would be great if not that’s cool too. He came back with yeah we can talk some more and see what happens. I said sounds good you have my number. Balls in his court, its all on him now. So one, am I out of my mind thinking he just needs his space and he’ll probably come back? I’m not going to reach out. That’s on him. I have the text messages from this too.

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