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    When A Guy I Like I work with. See me Playing or Using my Phone While on my Break tells me To stay off my phone he said it 2 times the same Day what exactly does he mean? Do he knows I Like Him, or Is he Giving Me Mixed Signals? Can you please Help me.


    Hi Mika,

    When he told you to stay off your phone twice on the same day during your break, he may have simply been trying to get some kind of reaction out of you.

    He may be the kind of guy that just likes the attention and will mess with you in order to get it.

    The fact that he said this doesn’t indicate that he knows that you like him nor that he is giving you mixed signals.

    The next time that you are at work or on break, observe how he goes about interacting with your other coworkers.

    There is a good chance that you will notice that he has this kind of playful behavior with others as he attempts to get their attention as well.


    Hi Luke, Ok when I’m At Work I will be very Quiet I dont Really Talk Alot I Do speak and I’m Very Cordial and Respectful to other co workers. My coworker barely knows when I’m at work. IM also A Sister that is Very Different from the other ladies at my job, What I Mean by that is The way I Dress I wear Skirts everday. I’m Very Temperance and Meek Spirited. Is that something I need to be More Open About when I’m Working with People? Also I do find the Guy very handsome I Also found out he has a Girlfriend. I do look at him he is a very attractive guy, but we have never Talked to each other alot. Only time we talked is when I started My First week on the job he asked me How do I like working at the Job. He is Not a loud Guy, He carries his self with standards I like that in Guy. I myself Is Very meek Spirited and I dont Talk alot I’m around alot Of Toxic People and Drama at my Job I Dont want to be apart of the Madness. A Few Months With me Working on the job I was coming to work I walked past my crush, I didnt make any eye contact with him, In the process of me starting work I was in the break area By myself And my crush walked past me and told me I looked really nice. What was he trying to tell me? Also Later On I was sitting in the same break area Where I always go for my breaks or lunch and Him and One of his Friends Walked past while I was on my phone he told me to stay off my phone. Why Will he tell me that? Later the same exact day he was Leaving work with the same friend and He said it to me again. Than a week later while We where at work I was walking to my work area and I heard a comment from his friend and the comment made was DONT NOBODY LIKE YOU .I pretend like I didnt hear him which is I did. But I ignored him I proceed to my work area, Why Would His Friend Say that? While I was waiting For my supervisor to give me Instruction to work I noticed his friend that made the comment staring at me From a Distance. Why was he staring? Also The same week I was assigned to work at the same work area as my crush and while I was walking To my work area my crush and Another one of his friends were joking with each other. But As soon as I came next to my crush he and his friend stopped talking it got really quiet! Can you please help me to understand.


    Hi Mika,

    You shouldn’t feel the need to be more open about the fact that you are temperate and meek-spirited when you are working with people.

    You should be who you are.

    This way, you don’t fall into the temptation of trying to act in a way that you believe would be more socially acceptable, thereby increasing the likelihood that you could start making yourself miserable.

    When your crush told you that you looked really nice as you walked past him, he was most likely just giving you a compliment.

    Guys do that all the time, especially when they are looking for some attention.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean that the guy likes you.

    He told you to stay off your phone when you were at break because, again, he was most likely trying to get your attention.

    He wanted to see how you would react to what he said.

    There is a good chance that if you had been anybody else who was on their phone during break, male or female, he would have said the same thing.

    His friend may have said, “Don’t nobody like you,” as you were walking to your work area because he felt that he could say that without having to worry about any adverse reaction from you, due to your temperate and meek demeanor.

    This is what a bully would do at school.

    If he notices that there is someone that seems quiet and meek, he will target that person to bully.

    His friend may have been staring at you from a distance because he wanted to see how you would react to what he said.

    In essence, he may want to get an idea of how far he can take this kind of behavior if he were to try bullying you again in the future.

    Your crush and his friend may have stopped talking and joking with each other as you were walking to your work area because they may have been telling each other vulgar jokes that they didn’t want you to hear.

    Although you find this guy to be very handsome, try not to ignore the fact that he has a girlfriend.

    Even if there is any romantic meaning in what you have noticed in his behavior so far, which doesn’t appear to be the case, he is still taken.

    This means that even if he starts becoming more blatant with romantic overtures towards you, he will not be able to do much else with you but that.

    He may get some enjoyment out of it.

    You would become the girl that he flirts with at work.

    However, once he walks out those office doors to the outside world, his girlfriend is who he is going to hang out with and you would just become an afterthought.

    Unfortunately, this is just how it tends to work when you are dealing with guys at the workplace who are already in a relationship.

    Unless they actually end their relationship and focus their attention on you, it will always just be fun and games at work until it is time to leave.

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